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Dandelion Fields

Welcome to the world of sunshine and dandelions...

The Bunnies
Our Project Anchor

Our Project

C_Bunnies is a project that explores the possibilities between physical and digital NFT art spaces. We hope we can bring you some joy through our bunnies and their stories.

Why C_Bunnies?


The Felted C_Bunnies are designed and hand-crafted by Mrs. C_Bunny. Each bunny is needle-felted from real wool fiber.


Cardano is a blockchain that we think holds exceptional promise for the future, and offers a welcoming space for a new project.


Cartwheeling cottontails crisply cry, "Carrots not Cuniculture!"

The 1st Mint

Whitelist: March 17th - 3 pm UTC

Public Mint: March 18th - 3 pm UTC



1 C_Bunny
2 C_Bunnies
3 C_Bunnies
50 ADA
98 ADA
145 ADA

The first mint will comprise 250 unique C_bunnies. 10% (25) will be Golden C_Bunnies and 90% (225) will be digital-only C_bunnies. A Golden C_Bunny has a gold border marking it's special status, and they may be redeemed for a matching Felted C_Bunny (irl!).

The redemption process requires you to submit: 1) Proof of ownership (a small specific value transaction from the wallet that holds the Golden C_Bunny) and 2) A mailing address. Once a Felted C_Bunny has been claimed, the associated Asset ID and artwork will be marked as claimed on the website and Discord. For more info on claiming your felted C_Bunny, click here.


One of our goals for this project is to incentivize active participation in the community by building utility into the NFTs we issue.

Our first utility is a photo purchasing program! Any holder of a Golden C_Bunny who has claimed their felted C_Bunny can submit photos of their bunny for use in social media posts. Any picture we chose to use in a post will be paid for at a rate of 2 ADA per picture! No Limits. If we choose to use 25 of your Felted C_Bunny pictures then we would pay you 50 ADA for their use.

Second, from time to time we will airdrop new art to all Series 1 holders (NOT early edition). This art will be in our signature, needle-felted style. The art will not be sold. Additionally, holders of the Series 1 NFTs will be eligible to participate in raffles for the Golden version of the airdrop which entitles them to the Felted art that the airdrop was created from.

For all holders of our NFTs, we are working on additional utility so that everybun is valued dearly. When our community is healthy and happy, we are better for it.

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