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Mint Here

Please only send ADA from a Shelly-era wallet like Nami, or Daedalus. Do NOT send from an exchange.

Purchase one C_Bunny
50 ADA

This will open a new browser window for the payment gateway. You will see the image to the right in the top left corner of the new window.

Purchase more than one C_Bunny

Choose the number of C_Bunnies you would like to purchase, 1, 2, or 3 (per txn), Then send the corresponding amount of ADA to the "Pay in Address" from your preferred wallet.

Maximum of 20 C_Bunnies per wallet.

1 C_Bunny
2 C_Bunnies
3 C_Bunnies
50 ADA
98 ADA
145 ADA
Pay in Address


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