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Policy IDs

All policy IDs will be listed here and on our dedicated Discord channel. Please do not mint or buy on the secondary market without checking these numbers!

C_Bunnies Series 1


C_Bunnies Yield Farmers (Early-Edition) 44717a99e728268429ad689c099a20e53b5678e80efb3e05df983816

Easter 2022 RaggieBun Collab


Secondary Markets

Once a Felted C_Bunny has been claimed, the associated Asset ID and artwork will be marked as claimed here and on Discord. If a Golden C_Bunny is not marked as claimed, then it is still valid to redeem through our claims form.

If you choose to purchase a "Golden C_Bunny" on the secondary market, check to see if the asset ID has already been claimed. If you choose to purchase a Golden C_Bunny that has already been redeemed, you will not be able to make a new claim for a Felted C_Bunny. While you may be able to arrange something with the secondary market seller, we take no part in that, nor take any responsibility if they fail to deliver.

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